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Using Vuetify in Customization

Hello Folks,
I am trying to use vuetify to create a UI. I have just started and seems to hit a block. Please note that I am running a trial version of Shapespark for last 2 days.

For testing I am using CDN ( Get started with Vuetify — Vuetify (

I have created head-end/html and body-end.html
Head-end.html code

Body-end.html code

When I run the scene, I should see a hello world. I do not.
Since I am running on local, I can’t even see if there is a n script error . Appreciate any help here…

Another question… Is there a way to run a local scene on a browser?

appreciate your help…


Looks like z-index…I think I got it for now…

To test in a browser and inspect JavaScript console errors. please use http://localhost:5000 while Shapespark is running.

Fantastic. Thanks Jan.