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UV material texture tiling and offset


Great software :slight_smile: im just having some questions about uv tiling and offset, that maybe you can enlight me :slight_smile:

  • I cant found any property to change the uv tiling and offset of a texture in the material editor! Is there any way on how to do it?! If not, do you have any plans to support it? Its really useful to make some tweaks and adjustment really quick.




There is no way to change the uv tiling and offset yet, but it is something that will be supported in the future.

It should happen sooner rather than later because this feature will be also important for changing materials in the viewer. The ability to adjust uv tiling and offset per material would allow to create materials with completely different tiling that can be applied to the same uv mapping.


Thats really awesome!! Hope to see it come to life soon :wink:

Do you have also any plans to support normal maps and ambient occlusion (as textures maps) on the materials?!


ps: Ive been doing some testing with a scene and im really impressed with the results/time to bake using gpu!! Specially because its really light weight and can run really well on a mobile browser :slight_smile:

We do not have short term plans for supporting normal maps (but we have support for bump/height maps).

We are not yet sure about ambient occlusion maps. I think you could experiment with multiplying your base color map by ambient occlusion map in an image editor, and see if the result used as a new base color map produces the desired effect.

Hi @wojtek

Thanks for all the quick replies and for your insight! I will try doing with an image editor good idea !

The reason im asking about normal maps (and ambient ocllusion) but specially normal maps, is because im optimizing geometry which i think can be very important when your doing things to be on a browser, and one of the maps that are used to help and simplify the geometry is the normal map! It can do really wonders!!!

Anyway all of this is definitly not so important as having reflections working on android, that i think is probably the most important thing …

Just to wrap up, when you integrate the uv tiling and offset on the material editor, could you look also in the import settings from fbx (im using 3ds max), because right now if we have a standart material that we changed the uv tiling and offset, it doesnt get imported correctly it assumes offset as 0 and tiling as 1.

This can be time consuming to fix, because much of the models you put on the scene you probably bought and many have this setting tweaked…so you have to put it 0 and 1 nd correct on the uvw mapping for each model

Anyway thanks again, and keep up the good work im really excited with your development and i think it really great (just android needs to support reflections :wink: )




Hi @iarchviz

Thank you for your feedback! We will be looking into FBX import from 3ds Max with regards to the UV tile and offset settings.

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The uv tiling needs to be set up in a uvw map modifier rather than the material editor. Offset can be done by manipulating the uvw map modifier’s gizmo. These will then be included in the FBX.