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Vegtation alpha issuse

how can i make a texture with alpha correctly,i have made some tree with alpha channel in editor,but it seems wrong rendering order?how can i fixed it?

look at the branch

We will be working on improved handling of such cut out textures, for now there is not much that can be done to fix these problems.

For some vegetation models the problems are more visible, and for some less. Take a look at these trees: many look good from distance, although if you come closely you will see similar problems.

thank you for your replying,i am hoping you can fix these problems in next version.
i have finished my vegetation lib


Nice looking library :+1:

Hi @jan, do you have some vegetation library optimized for Sketchup+Shapespark? I really try to find trees, bushes and grass but prove it one to one is very long time!

  1. Find a good looking one
  2. Checking polygons
  3. Upload and baking
  4. Take or discard and start again

Can you share or guide me to find a good one please.


In 3D warehouse try searching for ‘smart tree’:

You could also try commercial sets, for example if you select ‘Low Poly’ filter on TurboSquid: