Very customizable chat app

I found an excellent and very customizable chat app, but I can’t get it to fit into a Shapespark scene. Can Support give me a clue?

Could you send a screenshot of what effect you get when you use this embed code in the Shapespark scene or even better a link to the scene with the embed code?

Nothing happens.

This is the script is here:

The trigger is posicionate left beside of the big screens floating over the purple wall.

Captura de tela_20230118_084827

The embed code is not really a pure Java Script that could be used in the Script extension. Instead of using the Script extension, could you copy the embed code into the body-end.html file in your scene folder and see if it has any effect? The version of your scene currently uploaded to doesn’t have the Script extension, so we can’t copy the embed code and experiment with it on our end.

thanks Jan. i will try it