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Very nice experience with VR

I can not share the final scenes yet but I can share some images from a very nice experience using Shapespark in VR in-situ to check interior design from The Costa Rica Congress Building in construction right now! I hope to share the scenes very soon!


Did you test it right on the spot? That’s cool. I’m sure it was a great experience. Did everyone like it? I would bet that it was fun. :+1:

Yes @tim right in the exact spot! In fact we move from principal architect office to construction place because he did want to share with the construction engineer manager some ideas that he working on pass week. We visit 3 places with VR equipment and discuss about it in real time. Very nice and helpfulness.

In this project, we assist an architectural interior design office. This office got the responsibility furniture design of the building. :smiley:

HAHAHA que chingon carnal, seguro estubo con madres la experiencia :smiley:Saludos

Hola @Antonio_Perez, pues si estuvo movida la cosa porque la obra está en pleno desarrollo, debimos colocarnos el equipo de seguridad y conseguir fuentes eléctricas. Llevar cargadas las escenas porque no teníamos buena conexión a internet porque estábamos en sótanos o en áreas muy cerradas sin Wifi! Pero fue enriquecedor para todos! Valió el esfuerzo! :muscle:t3::smiley::ok_hand:t3:

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