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Video Meeting Feature

Unfortunately not. There is no technical way to use meeting-related scripts in a self-hosted project.

If the main issue that blocks you from hosting on our infrastructure is the video size limit, perhaps you could host the videos on your own server, and use textures from external source: ?

Would it be possible to get some sort of indicator of which participant is currently speaking in a meeting? When you have 9 persons attending that you have never met it tends to get confusing as you are not always facing the wandering speaker.

Users own camera feed: is there a way to move it to the right side, on top of the guide icons?

We’d also love to have some options when setting up a meeting.

  1. Allow / disable cameras altogether
  2. Set up max number of participants per given meeting
  3. Queue system or re-direction of the visitor to the regular model when a meeting is full.

Thanks for the feedback, @ville.

We have plans to add such an indicator.

You can put a head-end.html file in the scene directory, and add a CSS snippet modifying the style of #ext-meeting-camera-preview to the file. For example, the following style moves the preview to the right, 60 pixels above the bottom edge of the scene.

  #ext-meeting-camera-preview {
    top: unset;
    left: unset;
    bottom: 60px;
    right: 0;
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is it possible/allowed to use the promotion video, which you have posted on facebook, for own marketing purposes?

Does anyone know why if I share a meeting link, if you click the text…it takes you to the meeting but if you click the thumbnail it takes you to a none meeting scene? weird huh?

What platform did you share the meeting link on?

Hi, it was from windows to an android phone

What kind of communication application did you use to transfer the meeting link from the computer to the phone? The most likely reason is that this application dropped the meeting link hash when assigning a link to the thumbnail.

I did it through discord

OK. So it looks that the thumbnail generated automatically by Discord for the link dropped the meeting key hash for some reason. If it happens every time you send a Shapespark meeting link through Discord then it’s some issue specific to Discord, and I am afraid we are not able to do anything about it.

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Right, much appreciated.