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Video meeting not working anymore


is it possible that the servers are offline. I am testing your great software at the moment and wanted to show it to a customer to get feedback what he is thinking about it. He had some connection problems so he logged out. After he did that I was thown out of the running session and cant reconnect to the servers. The models loads, but I dont get the join icon, only a error message if my link is valid. I already deleted the old sessions I have started, no luck! The customer can load the model, but we cant met each other virtually.

Hope anyone can help me!

Best regards, Mischa

Hi @loetzsch

We are facing problems with our service provider and meetings may not work now. They are investigating the issue right now. Please try again later.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Tomasz Prus

ok, thx. Good luck! Hope it will be working tomorrow again.

Hi there. Ours seem to be working fine. In the middle of a 2-day show with meetings.

Yes, I confirm it’s working fine now.

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