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Video not playing in Safari

Hi Guys

In this example we have an issue where the video does not play at all in Safari on the desktop or phone
If I remove the video texture control it plays without audio.

Safari doesn’t allow an unmuted video to be played automatically without a user action. If the VideoTextureControl extension makes the video unmuted, you have to use a trigger to play the video instead of the autoplay option.

Actually, we’ve found it’s a bug on our end which prevents the video from being played automatically on Safari. We are working on a fix, and we hope to release it next week. Then, the video will play automatically in muted state, and first interaction with the scene - click, tap - will unmute the video. (Autoplay of unmuted videos without user interaction is not allowed by browsers.)


So videos do play in Safari in below scenes when triggered, and auto-play with no audio works.
I did try a “play button” trigger but it still did not work, in the hollogram example if auto-play is enabled.

Auto Play

nice projects :slightly_smiling_face:

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We’ve rolled out a new version of the viewer containing the fix.