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Video Size Limit

Hi all,

Tried to upload a showroom scene with a video in a TV playing in the background though had the following error message when uploaded:

Scene upload failed: the scene contains too large video file. The video size limit is 100mb.

My video file is about 200mb - i can reduce the quality perhaps to reach the file size, but is there another workaround at all or a the option to increase the size limit?

We have a few projects similar to this so would be good to know moving forward without having to alter clients videos too much.

Many thanks,

I think you will have to compress it, in order to move on.

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Thanks for the reply, i have ended up doing that and it worked bringing the quality down to 480p.

Not an issue for this specific design as its only a small TV, though for larger, showcase projects, it would be good to possibly have an increased limits to not worry about the quality.

Thanks again

We don’t currently have a way to increase this limit for a specific customer or a scene. We see scenes with multiple videos, like for example a virtual trade show with 10 stands, each stand having a video that starts playing automatically. In case of such a scene, 10 videos * 100MB = 1GB of bandwidth per single load of the scene. This is already quite a lot even with the current limit.

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Never thought of it like that! I can see the issue with increasing the limitation with that being the case. Thanks again for your response

Hi @darylburton, There are many methods and software to compress, the one I use is VLC, it has given me very good compression results with very low quality loss, I recommend it.

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Thanks for this, id forgotten about VLC! Ill have to get it downloaded again.

The only issue I have with the 100mb limit is we currently have a case, where we only want one 35min video to play which cannot be broken up, the quality is too poor when compressed to 100mb as it is not on a small screen. It would be awesome if this could be lifted to like 350mb.

or a solution would be to embed video as a texture from youtube or similar, then it can be as long as you want

If you placed the video file on some external hosting that allows to serve raw video files (so not a service like YouTube that returns videos with own player), then you could use such external video on a texture. Take a look at the example scene and code linked from this section of the API document: GitHub - shapespark/shapespark-viewer-api: JavaScript API for interacting with the Shapespark 3D scene.

What… This is great news

I have a public cloud drive where I host the html or jpegs for labels, so ok,
let me see if I can figure this out…

can I still have a play button to trigger the video?