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Video Stream Issue

Hi, Dear.
Video Stream Extension is an awesome feature.
Unfortunately, I can’t apply the pause/play-action to this HLS.
For the normal MP4 texture, it works well, but when I add the Video texture control extension on the HLS layer, Shapespark stops working.
How can I solve this issue?

Video Stream extension has an optional trigger property intended to start and pause the stream. Did you try using this property instead of the Video texture control?

Thanks, it works well.

Hi, Dear.
Is it possible to control the volume of the Video?
For example, I can hear the sound of video out of the room or building as I stand at the front of it.
In this case, the sound will be smaller or be not heard.
In Lumion, the sound object has the effect radius. So, the further from the Sound, the smaller the density of it.
In my opinion, this is possible to add some features here such as the radius of the Object.
Please let me know how I can get this effect.

No, such positional audio is not supported.

Can I expect this feature in the coming versions?

We don’t have plans to add in near future.