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Videotexture, jump back to base material

I would like to have a white screen and if I press a trigger, the video starts and when the video is finished, the screen should go back to white again. Usually the video texture is running in a loop, so there is never a really plain “base material” So how can I config my video screen, when the video starts and stops with a black frame? Now, the video stops and shows the last frame, so my screen turns black than. If I would need to change all videos (17) this would be way too much work! Any ideas for a quicker solution? Thank you!!

Did anybody understand what I want, or is it just not possible?

It is not possible to be done on the Shapespark side, because in Shapespark each material has only a single base color texture, if you select video as this texture, the information about the static image texture is gone and such texture can no longer be used as a stationary frame.

You could use ffmpeg to automate the change of all 17 video textures. These textures are stored in Documents\Shapespark\SCENE-NAME\video\ directory. This topic offers some hints: video - Using FFMPEG to add a single frame to end of MP4 - Stack Overflow