Virtual Art Galery FFA

I would like to share another virtual art gallery we did a while ago.

What I really like, besides the clean design, is the sky :arrows_counterclockwise:

Hope you like the gallery too.



Very nice! Is the moving sky a video texture or do you use material’s UV modifiers to animate a static image?

@tim Looks great. Are the pop up info panels just a html pop up that links to a specifically styled web page?

I looked at your Firedos one too, which is great. Wondering are you using Sketchfab for the AR? We have considered it but their own demo of the suitcase does not always work which is obviously not reassuring!

We ( actually @Simon :wink: ) animated a static image. It’s really a nice solution because we are saving some data for the video stream this way


The AR models were first optimized and then uploaded and setup with Vectary
The good thing about Vectary is that you can export it in many formats, also USDZ & GLB.


It’s gorgeous and the sky is fab!

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I would be very interested to know how the slide out panels work that displays each paintings information. Thank you!

It’s a simple accordion function made with jquery in this case. But you can do it with html and vanilla javascript. There are a lot of possibilities to achive that effect.