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Virtual Art Galery

A while ago we finished a virtual art gallery. I think it is time to share the scene also in the forum.

The task was to show paintings of several artists in a gallery, including profiles of the artists, and to implement their video statements into the scene.

Blink Art Group


@tim, I think there is a typo in the link: “sklae” instead of “skale”. Shouldn’t it be ?

Thank you, Wojciech! I fixed it.

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First than anything, its an amazing work CONGRATS =D

I loved the personalization of the interface and the intro loading Infinity logo WOW

What type of coding is it or how do you manged to personalize it?

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Beautiful work @tim :ok_hand:, I had not been able to visit it.
I have this consultations:

  1. In the video, how do you manage to change the artists’ images for a pause symbol and at the same time activate the video on the screen? Did you do it with the shapespark API? Which section did you use?
  2. When you touch a paint. How do you get the information box to appear that way? Is that programming I guess, or is it something you can do with the shapespark API?

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This is all individual programming done in JavaScript. But please don’t ask me how to do it. I have no clue. But a partner who can do wonderful things like this :wink:

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Can I hire you or your partner to do something similar?

I’m sorry to inform you that we do not offer custom programming outside of our projects.