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Virtual Showroom - Phone Store

Hi All,

Spark who are a national telecommunications/mobile company in New Zealand has released this on their Facebook page, as a Virtual Store.

While I think the implementation of this is very poor, I do think ShapeSpark could include a few of the features they’ve got in this.

A ShapeSpark tour with the ability to change the way you move around (notice the circle when on the floor) and also the ability to hover your mouse over a surface to have a box come up around the object. The current ability to move with a mouse and keyboard in a ShapeSpark tour is awesome and far better than the above model, but it would be nice to give clients and users an option that matches Matterport style tours, which we sell a lot of. Make sure you load their tour on mobile and desktop to see the difference in user experience.

I know these have been discussed before but I honestly feel that if ShapeSpark was to include features like this, then Virtual Stores like this would be made in ShapeSpark.

We’re currently building an asset library tour that we will be using in our ShapeSpark tours moving forward, our tour already looks like a furniture store with everything in it. Would be awesome to be able to add the outline/box affect around this items and then pitch the idea to a furniture store.