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Virtual Showroom

We finished a showroom for one of the leading suppliers of kitchen, household, and lifestyle products in the German TV shopping industry. The scene includes more than 150 products, from which are some just packages and others complex 3D objects. The work on this project took around 10 weeks from start to finish.
Warning: This scene is NOT mobile-friendly.

Let me know what you think:


Great job! The popups look and work very nicely with the zoom-in zoom-out actions. The number of displayed items is also impressive.

Great Work. It would be great if you could selectively reload elmente in such large scene for better performance.nce.

Looks awesome, nice work!
I really like the product information popup movements, a really impressive Showroom! :clap:

Thank you, guys. In total, we have more than 500 of those popups within the scene.

Thanks to the availability of using instances we were able to create so many objects.
Currently, we are working on another showroom, which also heavenly rely on instances. I will share this when it is done, too.

oh wow, I love it … great use of textures - how big is your final file size? I m building a showroom for huge machines at the moment and the CAD files are killing me :))

The size (without videos) is around 220 MB.

@tim really good experience and enviroment and as @jan says love the web page animations in & out. Notice that the i-frame for the catalogues on the foot stools does not load btw.

Great work, look forward to seeing the next one!

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Thank you for the hint. We fixed this :slightly_smiling_face:

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excellent handling of the interface and popups, ask, how did you manage that when you hover over the product, it makes the selection effect white in each product? @tim What did you do to configure each product as a button and that the courses change?

Hey Christian,

We did custom programming for those features since they are not part of Shapespark.

The materials of the objects become emissive when the mouse hovers above them. We enable the emissive strength in this case by modifying the material interactively.
Placing the camera from a specific angle is also coded. We built bounding boxes around the objects which then deal as an anchor for the camera positioning.

Since I am not the programmer in our team, I cannot provide any code here or help out any further on how to make this happen. It is a miracle for me that this is possible :wink:

Hi awesome work as always, just wanted to clarify about the instances you mean model.wise?

Yes. See this guide on how to use it: