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Viz4d a new competition to Shapespark

Hello Shapespark developers,

I want to bring it to your notice that there is a similar application like Shapespark which helps creators visualize 3D content via web browser by the name of Viz4D. It has a good render quality and the tour experience is also great.

I thought you can check it out and maybe implement some of their ideas in making Shapespark even better.

Website :

Their product isn’t yet open to the public it seems as I was not able to use that software.


Wow, I didn’t see that coming. A little competition is wealthy!

It looks like they are at the beginning of the road, and will soon launch the beta version.

Anyway, it sounds really promissing. I particularly like the smooth movement when going up the stairs and the glare coming from the lights and surfaces. Also, the cloud automatically processes the scene, wich is very welcome.

Can’t wait to test that :pray:

The mentioned link with the refresh gives new examples.

It seems to me that there is less deformation in the mirrors in this scene

I also see the ruler in virtual real estate recordings from Matterport and iGuide. It is probably useful for apartment buyers.

Shapespark has a nicer final look, and I look forward to all future improvements in it.

Nice demo!
What I really like about it is the way the glass on a light fixture at the top is rendered.
Most likely because of reflections. I was never able to achieve a realistic look on glass surfaces with Shapespark. If anyone has a demo with a nicely generated glass, please let me know.

It has a really nice look to it, very slow moving tho but overall a nice quality feel. Hopefully ShapeSpark can copy some of the features :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m Minh from Viz4D team.

Actually Viz4D is not competing to Shapespark, as we focus in another segment: make high-poly 3ds Max scenes (with V-Ray or Corona lighting) interactable on smartphone.


Hi, Minh.

Wich audience/industry do you want to reach?

With all the respect, I think this will define if you are competitors, and not the amount of polygons and light the two engines can handle with.

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Hi Minh,

When are you launching your service to everyone ? I see on your website that is says beta launching soon. Any date you can give us ?

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