VR Emulator desktop

Hi! How can I view VR mode in my PC? I want to use trinus VR o Kino VR, those software “mirror” the desktop to the phone wirelessly, via wifi and olso via usb for more FPS. There is a way to view my project in VR mode on desktop? Obviously, my PC it’s more powerfull than my iphone… I want to make the phone into a viewer (cardboard)


Shapespark’s VR mode relies on the WebVR standard (VR in browser), however I am not sure if Trinus VR or KinoVR are compatible with WebVR - quick search hasn’t brought any answer. Do you have a way to verify their WebVR compatibility?

No, actually I can’t run kinovr nor trinusvr neither on my iphone, I don’t know why :roll_eyes:… I will try to buy a mixed reallity headset :confused:

What Mixed Reality headset you recommend to buy?

Hi @Dardo_Mucchielli, this is my recomendation

I have Oddysey and is very good but I find less expensive and more confortable HP - Mixed Reality Headset because this reasons:


We have Acer Mixed Reality, it generally works OK. We haven’t tried other Mixed Reality headsets to have a comparison. We encountered cases where it completely stopped working and we needed to reinstall Mixed Reality packages to make it work again, but I don’t know if this was a problem specific to this headset or some generic issue.

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