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Vr Eye Distance



I just wanna know… if there is any option so i can increase or decrease the distance between 2 eyes for vr mode.



Shapespark does not have such setting, but WebVR API that Shapespark uses passes the eye distance (IPD) configured in the headeset. So if your headset allows to set the distance as is the case with Oculus, and Vive, Shapespark should use it.


Hi Jan thanks for the reply.

but i am facing a different issue… well let me try to explain:roll_eyes:

in VR practically what we see is that , the left eye always see the extreme left part of scene and right eye see the extreme right of the scene because of which we see the scene complete.

Well in my case its getting opposite… my left eye part is showing more of extreme right corner of room and left eye part is showing more of extreme left part corner… due to which the scene is not getting completed and not getting a proper vr effect…

Hope you got my point… hehe… please view the attached image for more clear idea.!


The problem is more likely caused by something else. The right part of the VR image is missing, so perhaps your mobile phone screen resolution is not recognized correctly. What device do you have? Does the full screen mode with VR disabled work correctly?

If you look at the screenshots from other VR engines, right eye often shows more stuff on the left side than the left eye (and vice versa):
Some examples below:

I’m not sure what is a good explanation for this. I guess it may be because not everything on the screen is visible with the VR headset on, so it doesn’t matter what is rendered near the borders of the image.