VR, Meta Quest 2 and Ipad

Hi I am trying to view a model with the meta quest 2 vr headset through my ipad.

Is this possible?

When I open the scene on the ipad there is no VR option available?

Help please.



How you control quest 2 from Ipad?

Thanks in advance


Could you explain in more detail what would you like to do?
Do you want to stream content from iPad to Oculus?
Do you want to cast Oculus screen to iPad?

To view shapespark model in Oculus you can use built in Oculus browser.


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Hi Kamil,

I want to show clients their scenes using the Meta Quest 2 VR headset.

I want to use my ipad and have this connected to the VR Headset.

Is this possible? When I open the scene now on my ipad there is no VR button showing?



This is not possible to accomplish directly from Shapespark.

But you can leverage the official Oculus app (meta quest) functionality to see Quest 2 headset current content (casting). I have tested this approach using iPhone but it should work the same for iPad or other mobile devices.

There are three steps involved:

  1. Send link from iPad to Quest 2
  2. Open link in Quest 2 built-in browser
  3. Use Oculus app on iPad to cast Quest 2 screen to iPad

First you should have official Oculus app installed and pair your mobile device with the Quest 2 headset. Then you should be able to send your current webpage (your scene) to Quest 2 Headset using share functionality.

“From an iPhone, the option should appear in a Share Sheet menu from within Safari or any app that can share internet links. From the menu, the user can choose Oculus to send the link to the Oculus app. Then tap the Open Now

After sending the link to Quest 2 it should open in the built in web browser.

Then use casting option in Oculus app to connect to Quest 2 headset and see what your client is seeing currently.

Hope this helps!


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Great Thanks for quick reply

Thank you, I will give this a try