VR Mode Issue with Shapespark on Meta Quest 2

I am writing to seek assistance with an issue I am experiencing while using Shapespark with my Meta Quest 2 for exterior previews.

The problem arises when I load my project in a browser and attempt to enter VR mode. As soon as I start moving forward in the virtual environment, I encounter severe shaking and instability in the scene. This makes the VR experience extremely uncomfortable and unusable.

I have thoroughly checked my hardware setup and it appears to be in good working condition. The Meta Quest 2 is functioning normally in other applications. Therefore, I suspect that this issue may be related to the interaction between Shapespark and the Meta Quest 2.

I would greatly appreciate any guidance or solutions you can provide to resolve this problem and ensure a smooth VR experience when using Shapespark on my Meta Quest 2. Your assistance in this matter is invaluable to me and my team as we strive to create high-quality exterior previews for our projects.

Thank you


The symptoms you are describing usually occur with too high triangle count. What are your scene statistics that can be found in “Objects” tab?

For viewing on mobile devices it is recommend to fit within the green limit, under 3mil triangles.

If your scene is particularly large or complex, one way to bypass the limitations of the built-in browser is to use the Airlink feature on Oculus, paired with a powerful PC. This allows you to leverage the computational power of your PC while still enjoying the wireless freedom of the Meta Quest 2.