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VR on GearVR samsung

Hi, is there a workflow to view VR ShapeSpark tour on GearVr ?


Hi Mauro,

Do you have Oculus Browser installed on your phone? If so, you can enter the address of the your scene in this browser, and then when it’s loaded enter the VR mode.

Thanks so much
i will try


Is there someone who has good experience with viewing VR shapespark tour with an Oculus go?


We haven’t tried it ourselves, but Oculus Browser - the WebVR-enabled browser for Oculus Devices seems not to support Oculus Go yet. If this is the case, then it may be currently impossible to open VR experiences running in a web browser on Oculus Go.

which VR gear would you suggest us, in which we can see the VR properly.
and can you share some vr browers names in which we can view our projects… coz i have tried VR Browser in my google play store… m not able to view in it!!

For Gear VR you need a special browser, compatible with it.

Do you have the Oculus platform installed on you phone? If so, please try the Oculus Browser.