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VR problem help

Hello friends

My file opens normally in my browser on my notebook, but I can’t open it on my phone to use it in VR. The all black screen appears.

can someone help me solve this?

I assume that is a cellphone RAM problem. Do you can share the scene here to check it out?

Do you use any 8K textures? They cannot be displayed on mobile devices.

What version of android do you have on your phone?

I’m using small textures, just some of poliigon but 2K.
my android version is marshmallow
My file has 6 environments, maybe because it is a very large file ???

As suggested above, it might be insufficient amount of RAM. You can try decreasing the scene size using hints from this post:

Hello woj! I will check the number of triangles! I believe this is because I have objects with smoth of max = /

Thank you for your help!