VR Teleport Control Oculus Quest

Hi @jan @wojtek Are there any plans to have visible controller beams when teleport in VR?

I understand you were ensuring ease of use for Google Cardboard etc, but with so many more headsets using controllers that have a visible beam, the stare and click method of teleport is actually really un-intuitive. (I personally find it hard to get to where I want to be quickly and it is not that easy to explain to a client how to use. Not impossible but they all say it is a bit clunky and not ideal when using at a trade show etc)

Many of our clients use Matterport for spaces that already exist and whilst it is a different proposition with defined viewpoints & markers the fact you can point and click in VR mode makes it really easy to use.



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Hi @njay.

You’re right, our support for VR controllers is anachronic. We have improving it in our plans, but unfortunately we cannot give any date for when the improvement will be implemented.


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Hi @wojtek are you able to update on whether this has reached a planned stage yet?

@njay, I am sorry, unfortunately we still don’t have an ETA for it.