Vray Image Pop Up


Is this possible?

Imagine I have a model of a kitchen completed in Shapespark.

I also have higher quality images of the kitchen rendered using Vray.

I want the client to be able to press on a trigger in the Shapespark scene and the rendered vray image pops up and almost completely fills the screen. Then they can ‘x’ it off when finished.

Any help please?

It is possible, you can place static render images in the extra-assets folder and use the HTML Label extension to show them. For example, if your render is called `kitchen-render.jpg’, the HTML Label code can be:

<img style="min-width: 75vw"` src="$EXTRA_ASSETS/kitchen-render.jpg">

See also this post: Adding a 'trigger or icon' which opens an information box - #8 by Oli

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Thank you Jan, I will give that a try