Walking through closed doors

By default the camera in Shapespark cannot pass through any object in the scene. You can change this by disabling collisions for selected objects.

For example if your scene has a closed door and you would like to allow the user to walk through the door:


Go to the Objects tab, select the door and set the Custom collisions settings and Disable collisions checkboxes.


After such scene the door will no longer stop the camera movement.

Is this also working in VR modus?

In VR all collisions are disabled (so if you are moving your head or walking with position tracking headset such as Oculus or Vive you are able to pass through any geometry), but the VR teleport doesn’t allow to pass through geometry.

Hi, is it possible to set collisions on for Oculus? The current state make us problems, we cannot keep visitors in the house…

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@TomasP, unfortunately not, the collisions are always off in the VR mode.