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Watermark on scene

Hi all,

Ive seen this topic posted elsewhere though there didn’t seem to be an outcome.

Is there a way to have a watermark overlay the screen? Just a slightly opaque wording on the screen, something like the attached.

As im sure a few people know, with new clients they want to see the concept prior to paying, there is just more security knowing they can not send it to their client without it being littered in our own branding prior to paying.

In the other thread there was a bit about some custom coding which im not sure how to do, ive tried this before but I couldnt get it to work. Im sure if there was a video or a template i could follow it would be able to do it!

Many thanks for your time,


It sounds like it could be implemented by adding a transparent full-viewport HTML element that doesn’t capture mouse/touch events.

An easier solution is to place the watermark as the logo (configured in the “Viewer” tab)? If the watermark was much wider than higher it would occupy a substantial part of the viewport.

Thanks for the quick reply as always.

I do often put a ‘watermark’ in the logo area but it doesn’t really limit the scene. You can still quite easily take a screenshot and share etc.

The transparent HTML element sounds like it could work though! Is there a ‘How to’ guide at all for this?

Thanks again

I think you may try searching “watermark”, “overlay” and “html” keywords on StackOverflow, for example: jquery - How to watermark/overlay image on an html page? - Stack Overflow