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WebGL Render Resolution

I’ve just purchased Plus plan of the Shapespark. Is it possible to change the drawingbuffer render resolution to be decreased, so we can achieve more FPS on low-end devices. I found this page and it is possible to change the drawingbuffer on the WebGL Fundamentals:

Not only for low-end devices, constant 100% render resolution based on device’s monitor is also ruining the performance. For example, I run my scene on my iPad Pro 2017 (retina display has a huge pixel density, so it has a big resolution), and it is lagging a bit even on a simple scene.

There is no option to lower the resolution now.

Is the scene that you test on the iPad available on the Shapespark hosting, so we could take a look? We’ve recently introduced some performance improvements for iOS and I’d like to check if this scene already takes advantage of the improvements.