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WebXR in Chrome

Google announced WebXR enabled Chrome release sometime back. @jan & @wojtek does it mean something for the Shapespark community where we can now see better performance of Shapespark scenes when on chrome ? Can we now have better render quality with Shapespark ? What opportunities does WebXR open for Shapespark ? Can you please share some info on this.

Shapespark is already using WebXR on devices and browsers that support this standard: Chrome/Windows and Chrome/Android. The main difference between the WebXR standard and the old WebVR standard, now deprecated, is how you interact with VR devices programmatically. As far as rendering quality is concerned, there is no difference between these two standards.

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I have read somewhere that the chrome browser will now use GPU power as well, with this upgrade. Is it true?

If yes, we can see smoother frame rate in chrome browser now, which earlier was only using CPU to render.

And if the GPU is also being used, I think Shapespark can now improve the render quality knowing that all major browsers are now supporting GPU usage.

This announcement was likely related to some specific task, do you still have a link to it? Chrome and other browsers are in most cases using GPU for rendering WebGL content, otherwise performance would be very poor. The exception are for example old devices with unsupported drivers that can be forced to use CPU fallback.