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Weird bake bugs

Hi, I am baking my scene with high quality setts, using 2 lightmaps at 60 res…and I get this weird bug: what could be done to prevent this? what is the cause of this?

Try increasing Flood dark limit a bit in the Bake tab and post process the lightmap again using the Post-process button.

Could you upload the scene and send us a link so we can investigate what could be the cause?

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After discussing this problem in the office, our suspicion is that there could be some extremely narrow triangles between the two round holes in the ceiling, and the baking engine may fail to handle such triangles properly.

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Hello, Im using the flood dark limit but havent increased it. Anyways here you go, uploaded scene and edit files just in case.

Well, I have incresed the flood dark limit up to 0.08 and “fixing” my geometry so there aren’t really small triangles and it’s fixed.


Thanks for the update. As Jan mentioned, these were most likely very narrow triangles. I think you may revert the Flood dark limit to the original value (0.02) and the issue won’t reoccur.

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