Weird lines after baking

After rendering, many bright and dark lines appear (see images)

Pls help.

Hi @Casey

The thin dark lines may be a side-effect of the ambient occlusion update, they may become less visible if you reduce ambient occlusion intensity.
We have implemented a solution to make this dark lines much less visible, or completely invisible. It will be available in the next release (soon). For now, you might try increasing the Flood dark limit to 0.08 - this should make the bright lines disappear. I suspect you could also use a higher lightmap resolution.


How about the thin bright lines? They should not be there.
I did use high lightmap resolution but it is automatically reduced 28%.

Consider using three lightmaps in this scene instead of two, and adjust the lightmap resolution for objects outside by lowering it in the Object tab. Let me know if this helpes