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Weird Shadow buildup

Hi Shapespark team

just a little help here… weird shadow formation.

Could you upload this scene and send us a link (here or to

Hi jan

thanks for your response
below link is my project… im wondering how to fix this one…


it is 200 sample now just to test… does the 800 samples will fix this shadow issue?
or i need to adjust something on my settings?

I see that you managed to solve it in the latest version of the scene. It was a sky strength 0 that caused the darkness.


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Thanks @jan, I’m actually baking this one now for Dexter on 800 so hopefully we’re all sorted.

Also, thanks for all your help to my team (Webdev & 3d Artisit) over the last few weeks with us getting our custom menu working and lighting and so forth for this model. :slight_smile: Really appreciate how responsive the ShapeSpark team is.