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What can I use to control the quality of a texture?

We have the problem that textures appear with different resolution in Shapespark, sometimes only after an update of the geometry the resolution is a different. We use info panels with text and need more control over the resolution, compression and coloring of the texture. The resolution of the original file is definitely high enough. Thats not the problem

Text as 3D geometry is unfortunately out of the question, as it is very time-consuming and reduces performance.

In the best case you can display such boards as HTML content in 3D. Alternatively we can imagine SVG graphics as texture. Could you integrate such solutions in Shapepark? Did you have another ideas

The upcoming release adds options to:

  • disable automatic texture downscaling based on how large a scene area a single repetition of the texture occupies (though the maximum texture size of 2048 x 2048 will will still hold),
  • disable GPU texture compression - this option impacts the accuracy of the compressed texture, but not the resolution.