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What do you use Shapespark for?

I will confess that first I met the engine I though the use was exclusive and dedicated for architectural visualization, like Lumion, V-Ray, Corona etc (to show and sell properties before they have been built).

But as I start to participate this forum, I’ve noticed that there’s more people using to show an online fair, an idea or a product shop than real estate itself.

So I will share my short experience: I use for architectural visualization. My clients are developers from my region and want to sell their buildings under construction.

I’ve worked on about 7 projects so far, and as I am just starting to use Shapespark, and also because I don’t know anyone in my cowntry who offers/sells the technology, I did some sales experiment to understand what actually could work.

About pricing, first keep in mind that our currency here in Brazil is R$, and the minimum wage is R$1.000,00 (one thousand reais). My Shapespark Standard plan is R$200/month.

My very first client didn’t pay me for the design of the scene, because we made a deal that it would be an experience. Even so, they pay me R$80/month for this first and not so good Shapespark scene ( The monthly fee is valid until they sell the last apartment.

After this business validation, I made some other interesting profitable projects.

I have a client who paid me R$6k (or 6 minimum wage) for this scene (, + R$200/month, also until they sell the last apartment (the building is under construction and it will have 34 apartments, and it takes an average of 3 years to sell all of them, so its R$6k + R$7,2k in total).

I also have clients who paid me R$2,5K (without monthly fee), R$4k (without monthly fee) and R$15K + R$600/month.

The current project I am working on is this one:, and using another sales experiment, my client is paying me R$5k + 250/year until they sell all the apartments. I could easily charge 8k or 9k for it, and my client would still be happy. As I gain more visibility and interactive visualization like Shapespark becomes more necessary and desirable in the near future, I think these prices will be higher.

If Shapespark would improve the user experience and the interface design (also, if there was a specific industry to focus on), more clients would request this tipe of work, mainly because the current scenario we are dealing with. This thing would certainly explode worldwide.

That’s it. Hope my experience helps some of you guys. Take care everyone :slight_smile: