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What is the best practice for glass material?

I would like to share with you one of my workout scene:
Also, I’d like you to tell me what is the best practice for glass material (glasses, bottles, jars) to make it look more realistic.


Hi @Vladam, the scene looks very good so far. Speed ​​is nice to show a small space. I like the detail of the lighting of the candles. Just as you are interested in the parameters for glass, we hope that someone will recommend something to us.

Thanks for your reply @jorgearq
about the flame of the candle, I’m not sure if I can use an animated png , will I lose my animation in final processing? It would be interesting to have an animation of the flame of fire in the fireplace, for example.
On the following link, I found a lot of information about materials that are applicable in Shapespark.

Maybe this would be helpful to someone…


I don’t have fixed settings for glass materials. It depends on the light conditions and the objects surrounding. Also, it depends on the color I want to achieve. If it is transparent the base color is usually darker. For colored objects, transparency is reduced.
I just can recommend that you add some metallic to the object to get nice and stronger reflections.

Hi @tim
I also liked the idea with the addition of a metallic component. I searched the internet and saw that it’s really hard to do webgl material glass.
I found the examples that I liked:
I do not know how they managed it, but the bottles look very nice.

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I agree. Especially the cider is great. Maybe it would help to work with maps for the reflection. Would be interesting to test it.
I could imagine a setup like the content of a bottle with an unsharp reflection and the bottle with clear reflections around it.

They do not seem to use the inner surface of the bottle.

That have refraction

Thanks for your explanation and link. I’m not shore when we can use animate png images in shapespark but is not possible now according to this post:

Thanks @jorgearq
I looked at your video in said post. Animated png is just one file similar to an animated gif. I guess the answer will be the same for now. There was plenty of improvement last year in Shapespark. I liked the mp3 streaming from YouTube. Perhaps in the coming years, even video streaming will be done (for the TV screen in the room).

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I hope the improvements to, I’m sure they will make them. :+1:t3: