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Which social networks support Shapespark directly?

Someone knows how to place a tour directly on a Linkedin or Facebook post. Which social networks support Shapespark directly?

I am not aware of any social network which supports Shapespark. Shapespark tours are rather heavy for timelines with dozens of posts. The whole 3D scene has to be loaded before it can be viewed, unlike with videos, for which only the currently played fragment has to be kept in the computer memory.

For Facebook you can generate a 360 panorama in the Shapespark application and embed the panorama on Facebook. Facebook will then allow you to navigate the panorama directly in the timeline.

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Hi @jorgearq,

On Linkedin, you can enter a link to your presentation within your portfolio.
Larger thumbnails are in the “Featured” section, but it works fine with smaller thumbnails in “Experience”.
As part of the post, as @wojtek said.
I recommend the video; 360 panoramas - unfortunately they don’t work here.


Hello again @jorgearq,

There seems to have been some change (perhaps due to the addition of meta descriptions in Shapespark - last update).

Now direct links in posts to Shapespark presentations on Facebook and Linkedin work well.

You may need to update (re-upload to Shapespark cloud) or add meta descriptions to old self hosting index.html files.


OK, so as far as embedding a Shapespark scene as a clickable thumbnail with a title and description is concerned, then most social networks are supported.

However, if @jorgearq was asking for embedding the interactive 3D scene directly in the timeline as an <iframe> (so that the visitor doesn’t have to open a new browser window to walk through the scene), then I am not not aware of any major social platform supporting it.

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For a short time, Facebook supported glb formats up to 3 Mb, but not anymore.

Certainly, our scenes are far larger, and contain a walk through, not just an orbit view.

I am glad that there are these questions and discussions, because marketing is often our next step to a new job.

thanks @wojtek, I will continue to use the possibilities of social networks as they are until some social network supports larger glb as mentioned in @Vladan which happened temporarily in FB