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Why do only some website links in HTML label work?

Hi Guys!

Been struggling to understand this issue for a while:
Why do some websites open up fine in the viewer but then some links do not show at all?
I use the simple code:

width=‘853’ height=‘480’ src=‘’ allowfullscreen allow=‘xr-spatial-tracking’>

Our website in this example works absolutely fine but if I want to put a google maps link for example it doesn’t work. If you could help explain the issue and what I can do to work my way round it that would be great!


Could you share with us a link to the scene containing an iframe that doesn’t work? One potential reason is that some websites do not allow to be embedded on websites served from other origins (domains).

Hi @Becky,

If I understood you correctly, do you want to use Google Maps in the popup?

I used this code, you adjust it to your coordinates:

<div class="mapouter"><div class="gmap_canvas"><iframe width="800" height="600" id="gmap_canvas" src="" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0"></iframe></div><style>.mapouter{position:relative;text-align:right;height:600px;width:800px;}.gmap_canvas {overflow:hidden;background:none!important;height:600px;width:800px;}</style></div>

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Hi Wojciech!

This is the link to model:

The 2 triggers by the location board and the background board - one is for a link to a google maps location and the other is for a general website.
So if some websites do not allow to be embedded is there anything else we can do to show the website within the space?


Excellent thanks for this Vladan!
I will test this out and see if this works