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Why my axis are inverted?


Hello there !

2 days ago I discovered this awesome tool ! This is what I was looking for !

Since yesterday, I have an axis problem with my new project. This project come from an export from pCon planner with a .obj file. Now it seems to me that there is an inversion of axis, like the normal z-axis is now y and so on… This is quite anoying to navisgate and this will be really nasty when I will present this project ^^

Could you help me ?

Thank you so much !!




We are happy to hear you like our tool.

Does the pCon.planner export dialog have any option to select the up-axis used for the export?

Looking at the export formats supported by pCon.planner it seems you could also try importing the model via the COLLADA (.dae) format. The COLLADA format always contains information which model axis is the up-axis, so the importer can read the model properly no matter if it was exported with Y- or Z- up-axis.