WiFi connection lost

I lose my WiFi connection while baking my project.
Is this common issue with Shapespark? or is it my PC’s issue?

@Sho123, I don’t recall any other user reporting such an issue, so this sounds like related to your PC. Does it happen every time you bake, or from time to time? What baking device do you use?

thanks for reply and sorry for late response.
Yes, it occurs every time i bake and both CPU or CUDA.
It seems it does not disconnect 100%, some times connect with very low speed like 100kbps.

Do you have graphics card & WiFi drivers up to date? Perhaps, updating them might help.

Can the disconnect happen anytime during the baking process, or only during the denoising phase (the phase is shown on the progress bar in the editor)? Denoising is known to be very CPU intensive and significantly reduces Windows responsiveness.

I have tried testing with other PC and WiFi kept connecting in this case.
So it seems it’s my PC’s issue…
I have updated graphic card driver but not WiFi drivers. I may try that.
Thanks for your help.