WIP: Single family house at edge of forest


sharing my WIP project. I am new to shapespark but old to 3D trying to figure a workflow from Revit to RT 3D. I am doing this in multiple 3D engines simultaneously.

It´s a presentation of one of my projects being an architect.
A residential complex with 13 row houses and 7 single family houses where in this case the main focus is on the one close to the forest.

the challenge is to have a workflow to visualize a not yet finished project what means I have practically daily geometry updates.
The difficulty with working in Revit is handling all the non-Revit assets like people, furniture and foliage.
Right now I need to import everything to Revit to be able to export it to shapespark.
I could do the props in 3dsmax, but that would mean an extra step which would meand working on geometry and on materials and of course there is always the risk of problems during export. I have experienced that too often in the past.
The advantage of working with 3dsmax would of course be, that from there I could go to any 3D engine.
At the moment I haven´t faced problems in the Revit - Shapespark workflow.
The only thing that goes wrong is the mapping of the pine needles which I cannot adjust - but is visually irrelevant in this very case.

The aesthetical challenge is to make it look impressive and realistic while I don´t have any textures.
The design is all white and flat. So the only ways is to have a sophisticated lighting, so the white surfaces have lots of shading.
It´s always easier if all materials have textures.

Feel free to comment or ask. I will update the scene and I will inform about updates.


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