Wishlist for better Workflow

Hi all,
I like to open a small wishlist. I really like Shapespark - but If you have a lot changes some things are a bit hard to do it over an over again.

  • Possibility to save Material/ Material-Manager
  • Possibility to click an more than one Objekt to change for example the light settings für 5 lights or Materials
  • Change Name of the Project in the Projectmanager
  • 3D Hotspots (Dummy points !?) where you can place clickable Infos and Links
  • For Infotext: Change Font to meet CI. Place customer logo.

What Do you thing? I like to do a lot with shapespark - and therefore I need this for a good workflow :slight_smile:


A post was merged into an existing topic: Thought I would add a wishlist to the mix