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Wix embed Full-Screen mode

Shapespark works amazingly good with using a plain iframe embed.
I have tried it on WordPress sites as well as plain HTML sites and had no issues at all.
When I tried embedding into a Wix site, the full-screen button was is not showing up.
I don’t like Wix platform for many reasons, I was just wondering if anyone had any solution for this.

did you manually add allowfullscreen to the iframe?

We investigated this some time ago and at that time it wasn’t possible to support full screen on WIX. This is because WIX embeds all the users content in an iframe that doesn’t have allowfullscreen parameter and the user can not change this. Even if you use allowfullscreen on the Shapespark iframe, the top level WIX iframe setting takes precedence.

I was suspecting that it may be the case.