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Working with files matterport

Hello everyone , I am new in this forum and would like to ask your help. I would like to ask how to work on this site using Matterport files - Matterpak, can anyone have this experience?

It works, but the fidelity of the geometry is lacking
here is an unbaked model

but I can’t even load the .obj file, the program gives an error, can you tell me how to do it. And what to do with the other files from matterpak:, .mtl , jpg? what algorithm of actions on this platform, and the example that you gave, there is no way to improve the quality?

OMG whats matterport? could you explain a bit more? am very interested :smiley:

Its a 3d Scanning camea and service for existing Real Estate

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Could you share the file .obj that fails to import, preferably together with accompanying .mtl and .jpg?

Shapespark does not have any functions for cleaning up geometry data that comes from 3D scans, you would need to do it in some external program before importing to Shapespark. In general such cleanup is a difficult problem, I’m not aware of any tool that does it well.

Last time we checked, 3D data from Matterport did not separate real world objects, for example chairs could be merged together with floors, also geometry hidden from the scanning camera had holes. The textures in scanned models are already captured with light, so is doesn’t make much sense to try to bake such model.

They have their own system to navigate through space, is very interesting try to mix bought technologies but doesn’t any sense use shapespark to run Matterport file because the manage files and the information is different.
You can scan objects separately, use a room or use the room texture, or use a table or the table texture, but use entire file is make not sense. You loose fidelity and realism and in many cases you need to deal with holes in some places and that is very annoying.

yes of course, here is the link to the matterpak files:

By the way, a joint project of a with a matterport, but he had no success as a service. Model quality and high level staging

Hey Ruslan,

How did you manag to stage furiture in Matterport tour. I’m very interested in this. I looked into roomy but did not find a way to do so.


@matterport Thank you for the model. What error are you getting while trying to import?

For me the import worked OK:

I imported the .obj from the folder where all other matterpak files are (.mtl, .jpgs). In the import dialog I selected Z as the Input up-axis, otherwise the model is flipped.

Hi Atanas, I am just in the same situation, I am also interested in this topic, and offer additional service on 3D modeling inside virtual tours. But it must be in high quality. But for now, I am only in search of the correct fulfillment of the task.
Here is a very interesting information, I think you will be useful. And I will be glad, if you also move in this direction, if you share your experience in the future.
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Thank you very much for your answer, but I have this error when I upload the file

Scene import failed: internal import error:
‘mbcs’ codec can’t encode characters in position 0–1: invalid character

I’m sorry for the late reply but we were unable to reproduce the error that you were getting. Now we finally know what is causing it and will include a fix in the next release. The error is triggered if some folder on a path to the imported .obj file is using national or some other character outside of the standard ASCII set.

As a temporary workaround you can move the matterpack to a folder that doesn’t use any such characters and doesn’t have any parent folder with such characters.