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World And Object Zero Points

I have a question. When I export a scene to Shapespark it seems that the object pivot is set to the world 0,0,0 coordinates. Can this be avoided?


Shapespark uses world coordinates under the hood for non-instanced geometries, however it should be transparent to the user. In what way does the (0, 0, 0) pivot point occur to you?

I need it right at the corner of a single object. But for 5 individual objects.

The pivot point is not configurable in Shapespark. Could you describe what you are trying to achieve in more details - perhaps there is some another approach that could help here?

We want to rotate an object around its individual set y axis by custom programming :grimacing:

I see. So, unfortunately, this isn’t possible through the API, because as you write, the pivot point is not what you expect. Using the built-in Y to camera option isn’t an option for you, is it?

No, this will, unfortunately, not lead to the desired result.

Thank you