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Xbox controller navigation?

Hi all, first off have to say I’m really enjoying using Shapespark in some initial testing and getting some nice results which I will share once we are happy with their final finish. Some great examples on here too and impressed by the Devs & community help offered here.

I wondered if either the Devs or anyone on here has looked at an option to use a controller like the xbox controller to navigate scenes?

We have some experiences we have created in UE4 which initially were for VR only and we are just working through them to allow them to be navigated on a traditional monitor set up with an xbox controller for use in experiential settings.

Obviously Shapespark allows us to deploy experiences in a browser so this has huge potential for some of our clients, but they would also find it useful to show their experiences in experiential settings.

I know our clients would be more adept at using a controller than WSAD keyboard and mouse and if they are perhaps using to showcase their spaces at an event it would make it look more streamlined with the PC hidden and able to use just a controller to navigate. (We have done some user testing in Twinmotion with them and they like the concept, but we prefer the output and workflow using Shapespark in this instance as it means we can target much lesser spec PC’s thus reaching a wider audience)

We are 3D designers not programmers so have little or no experience on what might be required. Can anyone point us at a possible solution or if not confirm if it would even be possible?

Thanks in advance


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Hi @njay, welcome to the forum!

Thanks for sharing information about your use case. We’ll add such a feature, but at this moment I cannot give you a precise date when it will be implemented.

For now, if you are willing to experiment you can give AutoHotKey a try. Among other features it allows to remap keys and buttons. Their documentation gives an example remapping a joystick to keyboard, so it might allow you to map Xbox controller to the arrow or WSAD clusters:

Thanks @wojtek I will have play with Auto Hot Key and if I get any joy I will post up here what I needed to do to get it running.

Most Grateful!