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Y to Camera (Images disappear)


I have some character image (png without background) in my space.

And I edited the image with the ‘Y to Camera option’

But it disappears as soon as I change it to either ‘Yaw’ or ‘Yaw and Pitch’.

So my question is “Is the Y to Camera not working for images?”

Can anyone help me with the issue?

Thank you!

For this option to work the image plane needs to originally face the positive values of the Y axis. Is this the case? Otherwise the object can be rotated in such a way that the camera always sees the back of the image, so the image appears invisible.

It might help to enable the “double sided” option for the objects material before baking.

I am facing the same problem with objects from 3ds max. I couldn’t find a way to modify the Y-Axis so the export works correctly.

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using double sided material should fix it for you…if you dont want to change the object axis inside the 3d modelling tool

@tim, could you send us an example of a reduced 3ds Max scene with an object for which you cannot get the Y to camera option to work correctly?