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Yellow stain occur when I bake my Project

Hello developers

Im gettings yellow stain in different places after I bake it.
Can you help me about it. I am using Shapespark Everyday in work.
and lately I just notice why there is always Yellow stain im my model.

Please help me

3D scene (
↑My 3D scene

Thanks for the report. We are investigating it.

For now, as a workaround could you try baking the scene using a different Lightmap resolution (for example 75 or 85)?

i have same probrem with the new version. i hope it will be fixed.
(i bake it with lightmap 75-sample 800)

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Thank you for your response. Sure i will try to do that.
let me report it after im done with it.

@merri, could you share a link to the scene, so we could analyze the issue? If the scene isn’t public, send it via forum’s private message.

Also, as a potential workaround, could you try using lightmap resolution of 70 or 80 and see if it removes the stains?

Hi Wojtek
i sent link in private messenge.
Please check it.

Thank you!

Same problems here with our Scene

@wojtek sorry for the late response.

I’ve tried to set my Lightmap resolution for 85 and it works.
but when I tried it on other model stiil yellow stain appears.

These problems are caused by too aggressive lightmap compression. We will be releasing a fix for it.

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This was fixed in the recently released Shapespark 2.3.3.

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Thank you very much.