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3dsMax import issues

Hi, I can’t import models from 3dsmax with textures. All the materials are scanline, with only diffuse map.
I tried with different versions of FBX, with embed media enabled.

Are there any troubleshooting guides to 3dsmax import?


The embedded media are not supported by our FBX importer. Could you try FBX export with this option disabled?

The 3ds Max import guide is here:

Thx for the quick response. I found the fbx export version that carried textures over to shapespark.

It doesn’t respect the tilling though. Any idea why that is?

Regards, Rodrigo.

@Rodrigo_Izquierdo, the FBX export from 3ds Max doesn’t include tiling information from the material editor. Please see the below post for an alternative solution:

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