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About the Customization category

A category to discuss using the viewer JavaScript API and customizing the viewer with your own HTML/CSS/JavaScript code.

Shapespark aims to be an easy to use tool for 3D professionals and does not require programming experience to create online 3D scenes. Most of the projects are created without any customization, using the standard features of Shapespark. This category is relevant only to the projects for which you need to change the user interface of the viewer or add some custom functionality, like in the below examples:

The Shapespark team will gladly answer your questions related to how the JavaScript viewer API works that you may have during your customization process.

However, Shapespark support cannot offer help with customizing the viewer to your specific needs or integrating the viewer with your own application. For these types of tasks you would need to have a HTML/CSS/JavaScript programmer on board. Feel free to use this category to exchange the customization know-how with other users. We will be observing the topics to learn how the Shapespark customizability could be improved, and step into the discussion when we can point you to resources helpful in implementing your customization idea at hand.

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