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Add On Crowd People

Hi, may I know shapespark able to add on crowd people so that the space not will look so empty.

Shapespark doesn’t have a library of objects that can be added from the editor, the whole geometry, including people, needs to come from a 3D modeling program. Recently the following scenes with people was posted, so you can take a look how it can look:

If you plan to make it really crowded, keep an eye on the size of the geometry.

so meaning that at the moment only can add on 3D object people ?

Thanks Jan, I sometimes feel the need to put people into the scenes for a perspective of space. It is easy to create further views or copies of the same views without the people or various objects that may be just optional at this conceptual stage.

You need to add the people in the #d App you are using to create the models. You can then have them showing or hidden in SS.

You can model people in 2D, like here: but this also needs to be done in a 3D modeling program and imported to Shapespark.