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Aditional imformation in model



I’ve been working with the trial version of Shapespark for the past 2 months, so far things have gone pretty well but, i’ve been wondering if there’s any way you can show aditional information on the uploaded model… for example… lets say that you send the link of the model of a house to a client and i want to show imformation about the windows … or about the kitchen tiles or the web page of a furniture company.

MAYBEE… as you get close to the surface or the expecific model in this case a sideboard and the kitchen surface an iformation logo poops out and show you the hyperlink of the web page.

gretting form México¡¡¡


Hi Antonio! Welcome to the forum.

We are currently working on a functionality that will allow adding such annotations. We plan to release it by the end of the month.


End of the month? Cool. That’s soon…